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Since learning to play his first drum beat at the age of three, vocalist/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jarod Clemons has marched to a “rock-and-blues” cadence all his own. Soulful rhythm and blues rock music seems to ooze out of every pore from deep within; nurtured throughout his youth and ripened by life events that have been both tumultuous and extraordinary.

The youngest son of late E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons and accomplished choir vocalist Jacqelyn Monteau, Jarod was constantly surrounded by exhilarating live music experiences that helped shape and develop his fresh, modern day take on the bluesy-rock genre. As a child, Jarod vividly remembers watching his father perform alongside Bruce Springsteen during his legendary “Jungleland” sax solo and getting invited onstage to play tambourine on tunes like “10th Avenue Freeze Out.” Says Jarod, “I’ll forever remember those moments. They were so inspiring. We all have dreams as children, but I knew then without a doubt, that I was going to one day make my dream of performing a reality.”

In the years that followed, Jarod embraced his predisposition to singing, songwriting, and mastery of the guitar and percussion; continually pushing himself out of his comfort zone to pave a unique musical path all his own. Today, he’s the energetic front man of his own group, Jarod Clemons and the Late Nights. Jarod and his bandmates found each other through mutual friends and, after a few short jam sessions, knew it was a collaboration written in the stars. They each bring very different musical backgrounds and experiences to the group; however, all value an organic approach to songwriting where tunes are often born of jam and freestyle sessions. This intrinsic song crafting method keeps the band’s music raw, edgy, and pure … ringing true of the stylings of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, and The Rolling Stones.

Clemons and his band debuted with a riff-heavy, toe-tapping single “On The Waves'' in 2019 via Telegraph Hill Records, and followed up quickly with “Ramblewood Parkway” and “It Don’t Matter To Me.” The rambunctious, soulful rock tunes capture the essence of Asbury Park in sound, and transport listeners to the New Jersey town’s iconic club scene. In the band’s most recent single “Money,” Clemons’ impassioned vintage vocals soar above fiery guitar solos, thumping bass-percussion lines, and sexy funk-driven brass creating a jazzy, up-tempo sound that demonstrates the group’s versatility and progression.

By honoring blues traditions and adding their contemporary rock and roll stamp on it, Jarod Clemons & The Late Nights are making the genre appealing and exciting to a whole new generation. They bring their spirited, jam-tastic sound to every single stage on which they perform, garnering a large fan base eager to watch their energetic live shows. They say their goal is to always give “the performance of their lives.” Based in the musical stronghold of Asbury Park, New Jersey, Jarod Clemons & The Late Nights have rocked crowds at notable venues across the tri-state area such as The Stone Pony, the Wonder Bar, The Saint, the Strand TheaterCity Winery Philadelphia, and more.

Jarod Clemons and the Late Nights may have their eyes on stardom, but they have no delusions of grandeur; rather, a desire to connect and inspire. A poignant interaction with a veteran who expressed that the band’s music “made his day, his week, and his year” grounded Clemons and solidified the mission of his musical career. “I know I'll be content playing to one guy in the bar as long as one of my songs that night means something to him. I don't need to sell out stadiums. My music needs to be about a message. A message that connects and reminds me to always remain humble.”

With that focus, direction, chemistry, and heart, Jarod Clemons & The Late Nights stand poised to make their mark and shoot themselves into the hearts of rock and roll fans with their debut record, currently in the works, and pending a Fall 2022 release.

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